IMG_20140219_170659El día 19 de Febrero de 2014, celebramos, en la Universidad de Deusto un workshop  sobre Inquiri Learning At School, dentro del proyecto europeo Go-Lab.

Los organizadores fueron Javier Zubia y Olga Dziabenko de la Universidad de Deusto y Eleftheria Tsourlidaki, de Ellinogermaniki Agogi  (Greece) y con la colaboración de la asesoría de Ciencias del BN.

Guide for the organization of an Inquiry Learning Space according to Go-Lab inquiry cycle designed to combine in-class teaching with the use of online labs.

The Go-Lab Inquiry Cycle:

The Go-Lab Inquiry Cycle is graphically presented in the following image.


 The contributor of an inquiry learning space can choose to follow different inquiry pathways, as defined by the arrows in the image, depending on the level of complexity of the activity she/he plans to create. 

The three main possible inquiry pathways are indicated with arrows as seen in the image above:

  • Orientation-Question-Exploration-Data Interpretation-conclusion;
  • Orientation-Hypothesis-Experimentation-Data Interpretation-conclusion; and
  • Orientation-Question-Hypothesis-Experimentation-Data Interpretation-conclusion.

The “Discussion” phase can be seen as a process that is “optional” in the inquiry cycle, while  in the individual learning process inquiry outcomes can be reached without any discusión  However, the quality of the whole inquiry and related learning gain can depend on the discussions in each inquiry phase and/or after completing all other phases.

El taller se centró en “Implementation of digital combinational circuit using topic gates”. El ILS Title: “From the gate level to the digital circuit”.

 The Go-Lab contest aims to inspire teachers and to encourage them to combine their imagination and creativity in order to design their own educational activities which involve the use of online labs. The contest is targeting teachers fron differet European countries and invites them to build educational activities that target students between 10 and  18 years old.

Two teachers fron each participating country Hill be awarded with a five-day trip to Crete in the summer of 2014 to attend the Go-lab summer school.


  • Visit the website of the contest and make a registration .
  • Read the general information of the contest in arder to get an overall idea.
  • Download the template for making an activity for the contest and read the explanations provided as well as the examples provided.
  • Start looking for the subject of your activity and browse through the online labs to see which one you would be interested in using.
  • Create you activity following the examples and the template provided and send it to

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