“OLAREX: Open Learning Approach with Remote Experiments” Project

1EU Liferong Learning Programme. Conference Room in Nacional Polytechnic Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria.

 Rountable: “It Innovate Practices in Secondary Schools: Remote Experimentes”

  • Transforming Education through ICT
  • Engaging STEM in Secondary Schools with Remote Experiments
  • ICT and extra currículo activity in EU museums
  • Nacional Polytechnic Museum : visit.2

OLAREX Project: Working plan for next 2 months.Quality assurance and evaluation. Sustainability of the project and trainig materials. Dissemination.

The transition from a service society to a society in which self-service is increasingly important leads to new social constellations. Work now also moves into the world of recreation.  Clients become contributors. Whereas the services by service providers are decreasing, individuals are faced with growing requirements. Acting within self service requires expert knowledge in many different fields (quality checks, legal consequences, potential criteria for returning goods etc.). This is a precondition for lifelong and situation-related learning. Instead of “cramming“ at fixed times and in defined groups, the “inconvenient“ restrictions of institutions can be largely removed from the learning of the future, which could in principle be self-determined and variable in a multitude of ways .A dynamic and mechanised everyday life requires a different type of learning and different things must be learned . The new technologies, their new services and the additional communication options available as a result lead to new requirements.  


Acerca de Elvira González

Asesora de Ciencias de la Naturaleza en el Berritzegune Central de Bilbao.
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